A healthy life requires having healthy feet. Problems with your feet and ankles can have a disastrous effect on your entire body. Your entire body is built upon the base and foundation of your feet. Ankle and foot problems can lead to imbalance, bad posture, and occasionally even problems with organ function. Ankle inversion, flat feet, and other alignment issues can have a major negative impact on your health.

Warning Signs of Foot and Ankle Alignment Issues

Your feet set the stage for proper alignment throughout your body, which supports optimal function. Ankle misalignment can have negative effects and cause pain throughout the body, even in small parts of the body. Proper alignment of the foot and ankles facilitates easy movement, bending, and rotation as well as helps your feet support your weight when you walk.

  • Sore or Stiff Ankles

Your ankle alignment may be the cause if, after being on your feet for a while, your ankles always become sore or stiff.

  • Knee Pain 

It may surprise you that problems originating in your ankles and feet can extend up your legs to your knees. Ankle and foot problems are often indicated by knee pain.

  • Achilles Tendinitis 

The Achilles tendon passes through your ankle and joins your foot to your calf. Pain and inflammation may result from misaligning your Achilles tendon and your feet.

  • Plantar Fasciitis 

A disruption of the soft tissue on the bottom of your foot results in plantar fasciitis. A misaligned ankle may result in overuse of the foot muscles. 

How Foot and Ankle Alignment Issues Impact Your Body

  • Back and Joint Pain

If you have a foot problem of any kind, you are probably changing the way you walk to prevent irritating the condition further. Whether you realize it or not, this might be taking place! Back and joint pain can result from excessive compensation and improper posture. 

  • Imbalance and Posture Problems

Our feet are frequently the source of imbalance and poor posture. Your entire balance may be affected if your feet aren’t in line with the rest of your body. You run the risk of falling and getting hurt again because of this. Even though most of us don’t always have ideal posture, those who suffer from foot issues frequently have even worse posture than others. The body tries to rebalance its weight when foot pain occurs to avoid placing too much pressure on the affected areas of the foot. As a result, bad posture may start to become the norm. Dealing with these issues as soon as possible, before they have an impact on your entire body, is the best approach to prevent these issues. 

  • Leg Pain

Your feet are made up of many muscles, ligaments, and tendons that connect to the rest of your body in addition to their bones. Any foot pain has the potential to radiate into your legs. Foot issues may be the cause of your leg pain, including calf pain, stiffness, soreness, or weakness in your leg muscles. 

  • Organ Function

Your organs’ health is impacted by your feet as well, even though you might not be aware of this. Your feet’s touch receptors and nerves are always communicating with your brain. Your brain is going to get messages if there is something wrong with your feet. Your brain will instruct your body’s other systems, including your organs, to adjust as necessary. 

Problems with Your Feet and Ankles That May Affect Your Body

The following are some of the typical foot and ankle conditions we see daily that could affect your body 

  • Ankles Turned Inward

Overpronation happens in the inward turning of the ankles. Walking with your foot rolling inward is known as overpronation. Overpronation shoes are one remedy if you have overpronation.

  • Poor Foot Alignment

Misaligned feet, another name for poor foot alignment, is a condition where your ankle bone becomes unstable and slips out of place.

  • Misaligned Ankle

Usually, flat feet result in a misaligned ankle. Your health may be impacted if you have flat feet. You lack the necessary arch to cushion the impact of regular walking, running, and standing when you have flat feet. Back pain results from a misaligned ankle because walking causes your spine to shift as well. 

Solutions for Foot and Ankle Issues

Custom Orthotics

If you have alignment problems with your feet and ankles, orthotics are a cost-effective investment. We are specialists in custom orthotics, and we can make orthotics that will fit your own feet and address your problems.