Foot Assessment

The first thing we do is talk (and listen) to what you have to say, what problems you are having be it foot, knee, or lower back pain. We will establish what footwear you wear, where you work, what you do for a job, and what leisure activity you participate in as these can all have a bearing on foot and foot-related problems. We will also look at wear patterns on your shoes to try and get clues as to what is happening when you walk.

A foot assessment can be used to classify foot type as well as to identify possible etiological factors relating to injury in order to properly prescribe therapeutic interventions.

Adjustment with foot to make custom insoles

Static Foot Scan

Foot scanning is a service that will capture everything you want to know about arch type, pronation, pressure points, sizing, and even gait analysis. Understand firsthand why you feel pain, not just in your feet, but in other parts of the body. Remember, your feet are your foundation for overall body health and wellness.

Accurate interpretation of the foot’s behavior is simple as the center and point of maximum pressure are tracked (concurrently) and displayed throughout plantar contact.

Customize Foot Insole Process | Pacific Foot

Dynamic Foot Scan

The patient walks several times on the pressure plate in 2 directions. Footwork automatically makes the differences between right and left foot and can record all the steps and it proposes the step nearest to the average. It is possible to see all the recorded curves, steps all at the same time.

Compares the feet: average and maximum pressures, duration of support of the step and the integral pressure/time.

Ability to zoom and compare the studied area, with display of forces, surfaces and pressures. For every area : surface and integral pressure/time in % compared to the total curve. Maximum and average pressures and duration of support, values and %.

Determination of different phases of the step frame by frame or by using the curve of force (with comparison of a predetermined “normal” step).

Foot scanning at pacific foot insoles

Vacuum Technology

Orthopedic Vacuum Systems – Vacuum technology is integrated into orthopedic devices or insoles designed to address foot-related issues. These devices may use vacuum technology to provide support and comfort or enhance specific therapeutic effects.

Podiatry Applications – Vacuum-assisted closure (VAC) therapy is a medical technique that uses negative pressure to promote healing in wounds. While this isn’t specific to the feet, it could be used for foot-related injuries or surgical wounds.

Vacuum Socks or Boots – Some medical devices use vacuum technology to improve blood circulation in the feet. These devices often come in the form of socks or boots that create a vacuum around the feet, helping to stimulate blood flow.

Vacuum Massage – Vacuum massage devices, which use suction, can also be applied to the feet. These devices create a vacuum to massage and stimulate the tissues in the feet, potentially providing relief for sore muscles or improving circulation.

Vacuum Technology for feet

Have Heel & Foot Pain, But don’t know the Problem?

Foot is the foundation of our body so correct foot posture is very important if not it may lead to, Foot problem, Back problem, Knee and many more problems.

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